Getting Prepared

We've provided a handy checklist of what information you may want to gather prior to starting your loan application - helping you complete the process even faster and easier.

General Items

  • Social security numbers
  • Permission to obtain your credit history
  • Most recent paystub (Salaried/W-2 Wage Earner)
  • Tax Return (If self-employed)
  • Most recent bank statements (Checking, Savings, Investment Accounts, etc.)
  • Approximate payment / balance information for installment and revolving debt (auto loans, credit cards)

    Home Equity Transaction Items

  • Estimated value of the property being financed
  • Approximate balances for existing real estate loans

    Vehicle Loan Items

  • Vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle, if available
  • Year, Make, Model, and mileage of the subject vehicle and trade-in vehicle (if applicable)
  • Approximate payoff or buyout amount (if a refinance or lease buyout)
  • Existing monthly payment and the loan/lease # (if a refinance or lease buyout)