Rent Vs. Buy Calculator

Use this handy calculator to help you determine whether you may be better off buying a home now with a small or no down payment, or saving for a down payment first and buying later.

This calculator compares a borrower's wealth after a specified period when the borrower buys now and when the borrower saves first.

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Information About You Now
What is your current monthly rent?
What is your current monthly rental insurance?
How many months will you continue to rent before you buy?
What is your current rate of interest on savings?
What is your current income tax bracket?
Information About the Property You Wish to Buy
How many years do you expect to live in this property before selling it?
What percentage rate do you expect your property to appreciate each year?
What are the monthly real estate taxes?
What are the monthly homeowner's insurance costs?
What are the monthly homeowner association fees? (if applicable)
Loan Information Buy Now Save First
What is the purchase price of the property? (e.g. 175000)
What is the planned down payment amount? (in dollars)
How long do you want to finance the property?
What is the interest rate for the new loan? (e.g. 7.250)
How many points are you paying on the new loan?
Other than points, what are the other closing costs?

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